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Cartilage Made Easy with Novel Hybrid Printer

The printing of 3D tissue has taken a major step forward with the creation of a novel hybrid printer that simplifies the process of creating implantable cartilage.

The printer has been presented today, 22 November, in IOP Publishing’s journal Biofabrication, and was used to create cartilage constructs that could eventually be implanted into injured patients to help re-grow cartilage in specific areas, such as the joints.

The printer is a combination of two low-cost fabrication techniques: a traditional ink jet printer and an electrospinning machine. Combining these systems allowed the scientists to build a structure made from natural and synthetic materials. Synthetic materials ensure the strength of the construct and natural gel materials provide an environment that promotes cell growth.

In this study, the hybrid system produced cartilage constructs with increased mechanical stability compared to those created by an ink jet printer using gel material alone. The constructs were also shown to maintain their functional characteristics in the laboratory and a real-life system.

The key to this was the use of the electrospinning machine, which uses an electrical current to generate very fine fibres from a polymer solution. Electrospinning allows the composition of polymers to be easily controlled and therefore produces porous structures that encourage cells to integrate into surrounding tissue.

“This is a proof of concept study and illustrates that a combination of materials and fabrication methods generates durable implantable constructs,” said James Yoo, M.D., Ph.D., Professor at the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, and an author on the study.

Cartilage:軟骨 Hybrid Printer:ハイブリッドプリンター
3D:三次元の tissue:組織 has taken a major step forward:大きく前進する simplifies:~を簡略化する implantable:移植可能な 
Biofabrication:バイオファブリケーション(雑誌名) constructs:構造物 be implanted:移植される re-grow:~を再生する joints:関節
fabrication techniques:製造技術 ink jet printer:インクジェットプリンター electrospinning machine:エレクトロスピニングマシン  synthetic materials:合成物質 ensure:~を確かにする gel:ゲル cell growth:細胞増殖
stability:安定性 functional characteristics:機能特性 laboratory:実験室 real-life:実際の
electrical current:電流 generate:~を発生させる fibres:線維 polymer:重合体 solution:溶液 composition:構成 porous:多孔性の integrate into:~と一体化する
proof of concept study:概念実証試験 illustrates:~を説明する durable:耐久性のある M.D.:医師 Ph.D.:博士 Regenerative Medicine:再生医療



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