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Press Release from Karolinska Institutet on 1 March 2011.


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New Cell Therapy a Promising Atherosclerosis Treatment

Researchers at Karolinska Institutet have shown in a new study on mice, that cell therapy can be used to reverse the effect of 'bad' LDL cholesterol and reduce the inflammation that leads to atherosclerosis. The new cell therapy, which is presented in the prestigious scientific journal Circulation, can open the way for new therapies for stroke and myocardial infarction if the results prove translatable to humans.

Atherosclerosis is a chronic inflammation of the blood vessels. Cholesterol is transported in the blood in particles called LDL ('bad' cholesterol) that can accumulate in the vessel walls. This triggers the body's immune system to react against LDL, which then cause inflammation in the vessels, and eventually thrombus formation. If such a thrombus forms in the coronary artery, the patient suffers a myocardial infarction; if it forms in the brain, a stroke can result.

The research group, under the direction of Professor Göran K Hansson at the Centre for Molecular Medicine, have developed a cell therapy that selectively dampens vascular inflammation induced by LDL. The therapy makes use of dendritic cells, which are characterized by a high degree of plasticity that renders them amenable to manipulation.

"With the appropriate treatment, dendritic cells can be made to inhibit rather than aggravate the inflammation around the LDL particles in the blood vessels", says Dr Andreas Hermansson, one of the researchers conducting the study. "A major advantage of this is that we can devise a treatment for vascular diseases that is highly specific."

Cell Therapy:細胞治療 Atherosclerosis:アテローム性動脈硬化症
Researchers:研究者 mice:マウス LDL cholesterol:LDL(低密度リポ蛋白)コレステロール inflammation:炎症 prestigious:権威のある Circulation:循環(Circulationは雑誌名) open the way for:~への道を開く stroke:脳卒中 myocardial infarction:心筋梗塞 translatable:翻訳可能な(この場合,ヒトでも同じ結果になるという意味)
Chronic:慢性的 blood vessels:血管 accumulate:蓄積する vessel walls:血管壁 triggers~to...:~に作用して...させる immune system:免疫系 react against:~に対して反応する thrombus:血栓 coronary artery:冠状動脈 brain:脳
under the direction of:~の指導の下 Molecular Medicine:分子医学 selectively:選択的に dampens:抑える vascular:血管の induced:誘発された dendritic cells:樹状細胞 are characterized:特徴付けられる plasticity:可塑性 renders~...:~を...の状態にする amenable to:~の影響を受けやすい manipulation:操作
inhibit:~を抑制する aggravate:~を悪化させる particles:粒子 devise:考案する,構築する



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