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Regrowing Hair: UCLA-VA Researchers may have Accidentally Discovered a Solution

It has been long known that stress plays a part not just in the graying of hair but in hair loss as well. Over the years, numerous hair-restoration remedies have emerged, ranging from hucksters' "miracle solvents" to legitimate medications such as minoxidil. But even the best of these have shown limited effectiveness.

Now, a team led by researchers from UCLA and the Veterans Administration that was investigating how stress affects gastrointestinal function may have found a chemical compound that induces hair growth by blocking a stress-related hormone associated with hair loss ― entirely by accident.

The serendipitous discovery is described in an article published today in the online journal PLoS One.

"Our findings show that a short-duration treatment with this compound causes an astounding long-term hair regrowth in chronically stressed mutant mice," said Million Mulugeta, an adjunct professor of medicine in the division of digestive diseases at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA and a corresponding author of the research. "This could open new venues to treat hair loss in humans through the modulation of the stress hormone receptors, particularly hair loss related to chronic stress and aging."

The research team, which was originally studying brain–gut interactions, included Mulugeta, Lixin Wang, Noah Craft and Yvette Tache from UCLA; Jean Rivier and Catherine Rivier from the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla, Calif.; and Mary Stenzel-Poore from the Oregon Health and Sciences University.

For their experiments, the researchers had been using mice that were genetically altered to overproduce a stress hormone called corticotrophin-releasing factor, or CRF.

Regrowing:再生すること Researchers:研究者 Accidentally:偶然に
stress:ストレス graying:白髪になること hair loss:脱毛 Over the years:長年にわたって numerous:多数の hair-restoration remedies:育毛治療 emerged:登場した hucksters:詐欺師 solvents:解決方法 legitimate:合法的な medications:薬剤 minoxidil:ミノキシジル effectiveness:有効性
Veterans Administration:退役軍人管理局 gastrointestinal:胃腸の chemical compound:化学物質(化合物) induces:~を誘発する hair growth:育毛(発毛) stress-related hormone:ストレス関連ホルモン by accident:偶然に
serendipitous:予期せぬ online:オンラインの PLoS One:Public Library of Scienceの発行するオープンアクセスのジャーナル名
short-duration:短期間の astounding:驚くべき long-term:長期的な chronically:慢性的に stressed:ストレスを受けた mutant mice:変異マウス adjunct professor:客員教授 digestive diseases:消化器疾患 corresponding author:責任著者 open new venues to:~する新たな道を開く modulation:調節 receptors:受容体 chronic:慢性的 aging:加齢
brain–gut interactions:脳腸相関 Biological:生物学的
genetically altered:遺伝子操作した overproduce:過剰産生する corticotrophin-releasing factor:副腎皮質刺激ホルモン放出因子



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