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Magnetically Controlled Pills Could Boost Body’s Absorption of Drugs

Many drugs can only be absorbed in very specific parts of the intestine. In a new paper, Brown University scientists describe a new system that can safely hold a magnetic gelatin capsule in place anywhere in the gastrointestinal tract of a rat. In humans, the system could improve drug delivery and pharmacological research.

Do you want that in a pill or a shot?

Most patients never have that choice. The problem with administering many medications orally is that a pill often will not dissolve at exactly the right site in the gastrointestinal tract where the medicine can be absorbed into the bloodstream. A new magnetic pill system developed by Brown University researchers could solve the problem by safely holding a pill in place in the intestine wherever it needs to be.

The scientists describe the harmless operation of their magnetic pill system in rats online the week of Jan. 17 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Applied to people in the future, said senior author Edith Mathiowitz, the technology could provide a new way to deliver many drugs to patients, including those with cancer or diabetes. It could also act as a powerful research tool to help scientists understand exactly where in the intestine different drugs are best absorbed.

“With this technology you can now tell where the pill is placed, take some blood samples and know exactly if the pill being in this region really enhances the bioavailability of the medicine in the body,” said Mathiowitz, professor of medical science in Brown’s Department of Molecular Pharmacology, Physiology, and Biotechnology.

Magnetically:磁気的に Boost:~を促進する Absorption:吸収
intestine:腸 magnetic:磁気をおびた gelatin:ゼラチン capsule:カプセル in place:適所に gastrointestinal tract:胃腸管 rat:ラット drug delivery:薬物送達 pharmacological:薬理学の
administering:投与すること medications:薬剤 orally:経口で dissolve:溶ける bloodstream:血流 researchers:研究者
harmless:安全性に問題のない online:オンラインで Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences:米国科学アカデミー紀要(雑誌名) senior author:主席著者 cancer:癌 diabetes:糖尿病
enhances:上昇させる bioavailability:バイオアベイラビリティ(生物学的利用率) Molecular Pharmacology:分子薬理学 Physiology:生理学 Biotechnology:バイオテクノロジー



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