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研究を行ったStephen B. Liggett教授


Taste receptors(1) in the lungs(2)? Researchers(3) at the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore have discovered that bitter(4) taste receptors are not just located in the mouth but also in human lungs. What they learned about the role of the receptors could revolutionize(5) the treatment of asthma(6) and other obstructive lung diseases(7).

“The detection(8) of functioning taste receptors on smooth muscle(9) of the bronchus(10) in the lungs was so unexpected that we were at first(11) quite skeptical(12) ourselves,” says the study’s senior author(13), Stephen B. Liggett, M.D.(14), professor of medicine and physiology(15) at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, director of the Cardiopulmonary(16) Genomics(17) Program, and Associate Dean(18) for Interdisciplinary(19) Research.

Dr. Liggett, a pulmonologist(20), says his team found the taste receptors by accident(21) during an earlier, unrelated(22) study of human lung muscle receptors that regulate(23) airway contraction(24) and relaxation(25). The airways are the pathways(26) that move air in and out of the lungs, one of several critical steps in the process of delivering oxygen(27) to cells(28) throughout the body. In asthma, the smooth muscle airways contract(29) or tighten(30), impeding(31) the flow of air, causing wheezing(32) and shortness of breath(33).

The taste receptors in the lungs are the same as those on the tongue(34). The tongue’s receptors are clustered(35) in taste buds(36), which send signals to the brain(37). The researchers say that in the lung, the taste receptors are not clustered in buds and do not send signals to the brain, yet they respond to(38) substances that have a bitter taste.

(1) 味覚受容体 (2) 肺 (3) 研究者 (4) 苦味の (5) ~に大変革をもたらす (6) 喘息 (7) 閉塞性肺疾患 
(8) 発見 (9) 平滑筋 (10) 気管支 (11) 最初は (12) 懐疑的な (13) 主席著者,統括著者 
(14) 医師,医学博士 (15) 生理学 (16) 心肺の (17) ゲノミクス (18) 副学部長 (19) 学際的 
(20) 呼吸器科医 (21) 偶然に (22) 関連のない (23) 制御する (24) 気道収縮 (25) 弛緩 
(26) 通路 (27) 酸素 (28) 細胞 (29) 収縮する (30) 硬直する (31) 妨げる (32) 喘鳴 (33) 息切れ 
(34) 舌 (35) 塊状に集まっている (36) 味蕾 (37) 脳 (38) ~に反応する



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