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Press Release from University of Freiburg on July 15, 2011.


賞を授与したマイクロシステム技術の協会,FAMの会長,Wolfgang Bay氏(左)と研究を主導しているDr. Sven Kerzenmacher


Electricity from Blood Sugar--Forum for Applied Microsystems Technology Awards 2011 FAM Research Prize to Dr. Sven Kerzenmacher

Implants that obtain their energy from blood sugar and oxygen: Dr. Sven Kerzenmacher at the Department of Microsystems Engineering (IMTEK) of the University of Freiburg is researching the development of biological fuel cells with the goal of finding an inexhaustible source of power in the human body. He has been awarded the 2011 FAM Research Prize for his dissertation by the Forum for Applied Microsystems Technology (FAM). The prize is worth 2,500 euros.

Researchers have yet to find an optimal method for supplying implantable medical microsystems with electrical energy. The batteries of a pacemaker, for instance, need to be replaced after roughly eight years -- meaning a strenuous and expensive surgical intervention for the patient. An alternative approach is to use rechargeable batteries. However, the necessity of recharging the batteries greatly reduces the patient’s quality of life. The idea behind Sven Kerzenmacher’s research, on the other hand, is the possibility of using of implantable glucose fuel cells on the basis of noble metal catalysts like platinum. Such catalysts are particularly well suited for use in implant systems due to their long-term stability and the fact that they can be sterilized. In the future, systems equipped with these fuel cells could be supplied with power by way of a continuous electrochemical reaction between glucose and oxygen from the tissue fluid.

Kerzenmacher and his team aim to apply a thin coat of the fuel cells they have developed to the surface of the implant.

Blood Sugar:血糖 Forum:フォーラム Applied:応用された Microsystems:マイクロシステム
Implants:埋め込み型の機器 oxygen:酸素 biological fuel cells:生物燃料電池 with the goal of:~を目的に inexhaustible:尽きることのない source of power:電力源 dissertation:(学位)論文
Researchers:研究者 have yet to:まだ~していない optimal:最適な supplying~with---:~に---を供給する implantable:埋め込み型の electrical energy:電気エネルギー pacemaker:心臓ペースメーカー for instance:例えば strenuous:苛酷な surgical intervention:外科的処置 rechargeable:再充電可能な recharging:~を再充電すること quality of life:生活の質 on the other hand:その一方で glucose:グルコース on the basis of:~に基づいて noble metal catalysts:貴金属触媒 platinum:プラチナ well suited for:~に適している stability:安定性 be sterilized:滅菌される equipped with:~を搭載した continuous:持続的な electrochemical reaction:電気化学反応 tissue fluid:組織液
aim to:~することを目標としている



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