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First Successful Transplantation of a Synthetic Tissue Engineered Windpipe

For the first time in history, a patient has been given a new trachea made from a synthetic scaffold seeded with his own stem cells. The patient, a 36-year old man, is well on the way to full recovery and will be discharged from the hospital tomorrow. The operation was performed on June 9th 2011 at Karolinska University Hospital in Huddinge, Stockholm, by Professor Paolo Macchiarini, of Karolinska University Hospital and Karolinska Institutet, and colleagues.

Professor Macchiarini led an international team including professor Alexander Seifalian from UCL (University College London, UK) who designed and built the nanocomposite tracheal scaffold and Harvard Bioscience (Boston, USA) who produced a specifically designed bioreactor used to seed the scaffold with the patient´s own stem cells. The cells were grown on the scaffold inside the bioreactor for two days before transplantation to the patient. Because the cells used to regenerate the trachea were the patient’s own, there has been no rejection of the transplant and the patient is not taking immunosuppressive drugs.

The patient had been suffering from late stage tracheal cancer. Despite maximum treatment with radiation therapy, the tumor had reached approximately 6 cm in length and was extending to the main bronchus. It was progressing and almost completely blocked the trachea. Since no suitable donor windpipe was available, the transplantation of the synthetic tissue engineered trachea was performed as the last possible option for the patient, referred by Professor Tomas Gudbjartsson of Landspitali University Hospital (Iceland) who was also part of the surgical team.

Transplantation:移植 Synthetic:人工の Tissue Engineered:組織工学で作られた Windpipe:気管
trachea:気管 scaffold:骨格 seeded with:~を植えつけられた stem cells:幹細胞 well on the way to:~に向かっている be discharged:退院する colleagues:同僚
nanocomposite:ナノ複合材料 tracheal:気管の specifically:特別に bioreactor:バイオリアクター(生体触媒を用いた生化学反応装置) regenerate:~を再生する rejection:拒絶反応 transplant:移植片 immunosuppressive drugs:免疫抑制薬
late stage:後期の cancer:癌 radiation therapy:放射線治療 tumor:腫瘍 approximately:約 main bronchus:主気管支 was progressing:進行していた donor:ドナー(提供者)の surgical:手術の



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