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Text Message Support for Smokers Doubles Quit Rates

Txt2stop trial shows the power of mobile phone messages to help beat addiction

Mobile phones could hold the key to people giving up smoking after a programme involving sending motivational and supportive text messages to smokers doubled quit rates at six months.

The findings of the txt2stop trial, which was led by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and funded by the Medical Research Council, are published in The Lancet today.

Text messaging is an innovative approach to the deadly problem of smoking, which is estimated to cause more than five million deaths each year worldwide. Putting cigarettes out for good has huge implications for health but although two out of three smokers would like to give up, they often fail. Almost 6,000 people took part in the txt2stop trial, which evaluated this new way of helping smokers beat their addiction.

The study examined the long-term effects of specially-designed text messages by testing the levels of cotinine (a chemical found in tobacco) found in participants' saliva after they reported they had stopped smoking for six months.

A total of 5,800 smokers were randomly allocated to the txt2stop programme or a control group. The txt2stop group received five text messages a day for the first five weeks and then three per week for the next 26 weeks with a personalised system which also allowed people to receive instant messages at times of need by texting the word 'crave' or 'Lapse'.

Text Message:携帯メール
Txt2stop:(禁煙プログラムの名称) mobile phone:携帯電話 addiction:中毒
hold the key to:~の鍵を握る programme:programのイギリス綴り motivational:動機付けになる supportive:支援する
Hygiene:衛生学 Tropical Medicine:熱帯医学 The Lancet:(医学雑誌の名称)
Innovative:革新的な worldwide:世界的に for good:永久に implications:影響 took part in:~に参加した evaluated:評価した
long-term:長期的な specially-designed:特別に考案された cotinine:コチニン participants':参加者の saliva:唾液
randomly:無作為に were allocated to:~に割付された control group:対照群 personalised:個別の instant messages:インスタントメッセージ at times of need:必要な時に texting:~を携帯電話のメールで送ること crave:~を切望する Lapse:ある状態に陥る



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